Cassino Battle Field Tours 2018 Tour Programme

Cassino Battle Field Tours are operating the following tours in 2018.

For further details please contact them using the link below. Or email to

19-22 Apr 18. The Gothic Line.


This looks at the massive battles that took place on the Adriatic coast in Aug-Sep 44 involving the British Eighth Army codenamed Operation  OLIVE.


17-20 May 18.  Monte Cassino.

This looks at the four battles of Cassino from 15 Jan-25 May 44 and includes the attack on the Hitler Line six miles beyond Cassino.

7-10 Jun 18. Anzio and the Garigliano.


This looks firstly at the awesome X (British) Corps attack over the Garigliano that took place on 17-18 Jan 44, and then, secondly, the landings, stalemate and breakout at Anzio between 22 Jan-5 Jun 44.














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