Unmarked grave -CWGC Bari Italy

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      Mrs Anne Storm

      I am searching for any close family of Sgt Lewis Adams RAF x 31 SAAF from Holker Street,Darwen, Lancashire UK.Parents were Philip and Eliza nee Watson. Lewis was one of eight crew lost when their Liberator crashed into the sea in July 1944 , after a mission to bomb Ploesti oil wells. Four bodies of crewmen were washed up on shore and eventually buried at Bari CWGC.Italy .Three crewmen were known but the fourth grave is still unnamed.There is a strong possibility this may be Adams but a close relative in needed to provide a DNA sample -before the CWGC will consider naming the grave .I have tried writing to a selection of Adams in the Darwen /Blackburn/Preston area ,[with stamped addressed envelopes enc.] without any replies.Also to some present residents of Holker St.
      The 31 SAAF [South Sfrican Airforce] historian is hoping to solve the grave mystery.

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