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  1. Frank de Planta


    Get hold of me through and I will happily send you more information on 1 Buffs at Anzio and afterwards. 1 Buffs were sent to Anzio as part of 18 Infantry Brigade to take over from 24 Guards Infantry Brigade who were horribly mauled in the first few weeks. After Anzio they were switched to support 1 Armoured Division for the assault on the massive Gothic Line at Rimini and, after that, switched again to 56 Infantry Division for the Final Offensive in Apr 45. You might want to read the whole story of 1 Buffs’ brutal experience at Fossa Marina at the entrance to the Argenta Gap on 13 Apr 45.

    A CSM is a Company Sergeant Major. Every Company in 1 Buffs had a CSM in it. He was the senior non-officer soldier in the Company and responsible for discipline and coordinating all administrative issues.




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