19 Port Workshop REME

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      Looking to obtain more information about a unit which served during WW2. I’m currently researching 19 Port Workshop REME with the aim of writing a book about my grandfather and this unit. Does anyone have any photos, documents or information about this unit?

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      There is an extensive WW2 PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVE at the IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM in LONDON. They would tell you if they hold any photographs of 19 Port Workshop REME.
      A few years ago they made a public appeal for original WW2 photographs (services and civilian) to which I responded with mny late father’s collection. They copy to ‘fill gaps’ or if they find anything of special interest. Originals are returned to the owner and the copies are added to their archive (owners may retain their copyright for 70 years, or choose as I did – to retain copyright, but after a request contact from the museum to allow them to use any I donated for the museum’s educational or publicity use for free)


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