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  1. Nigel Church

    My father served in Italy with the middlesex regiment. He rarely spoke of his experience, but did talk about fighting around the Factory. I would like to know where the Factory is

  2. Frank de Planta


    2/7 Middx Regt were the Machine Gun Battalion for 1 Infantry Division at Anzio. They had a Company of Vickers Machine Guns, a Company of 4.2 inch Mortars and a company of 20mm or 37mm Oerlikon (cannot remember exactly which calibre) anti-aircraft guns.

    The Factory was the soldiers’ word for Aprilia. It was one of five model Fascist towns built by Mussolini. It is just north of Anzio.

    Get in touch with me via and I will put you in touch with a whizz on 2/7 Middx Regt.



    1. Melanie

      Hi my grandad was in the 2/7th Middlesex battalion and I’m just trying to find out as much as I can. Is there a way you can put me in touch with someone that knows about them?
      Many thanks.

      1. Frank De PlantaFrank De Planta


        2/7 Middx were the Divisional Machine Gun Battalion for 1 Infantry. The Division has a short and painless operation to clear the island of Pantelleria in 1943 and then, in Jan 44 they were sent to Anzio. They stayed at Anzio until Jun 44 when Rome finally fell to the Allies.

        Get in touch with me through my battlefield tour website at and I will happily give you more detail on what 2/7 Middx, with their Vickers Medium Machine Guns and 4.2 inch mortars endured at Anzio. It was a grim place to be – observed as they were from the surrounding hills.

        I take my hat off to anyone who served at Anzio.



  3. Jerry Delaney

    I’m wondering if you could please help me with tracking down my grandads service record.
    He hardly spoke about the war but I do know the following.
    He was with the Middlesex regiment at Monte cassino. He was injured saving an American officers life and was mentioned in dispatches, got a medal of bravery and some oak leaves from the US army. His surname was woods but there was always confusion over his 1st name. We knew him as Fred but he was known as tooty for some reason. Would be so greatful if you could help me out.

  4. Frank de Planta


    If your grandfather served at Cassino, it is likely that he was serving in 1st Battalion Princess Louise’s Kensington Regiment, the Middlesex Regiment. This was the Machine Gun Battalion that supported 78 Infantry Division who were at Cassino for the Third and Fourth Battles.

    To be absolutely sure, and to know what medals he was awarded, you need to go to On the site, go to the Search box and type in ‘How do I obtain a Service Record.’ Follow the instructions. If you have his Death Certificate that will help but it is not crucial.



  5. Frank de Planta

    For those who are not aware, yesterday was the 76th anniversary of the Allerona Bridge disaster when Allied aircraft mistakenly bombed a train full of Prisoners of War being taken from Camp 54 to Germany.

    The full story is here:



  6. Sue Hughes

    Thanks for making me aware of this link to the topic Frank, such a mixture of troops from various forces and nations affected.

  7. Carol Fordham

    I’m wondering if anyone can help me. I’ve managed to obtain copies of my fathers army records thanks to the information you gave me but I’m finding it difficult to read and understand some of the details. My father was Ernest Henry Newman and he was enlisted in the 67th Field Regiment R.A. From the army records (and my late mother’s account), he initially enlisted as a gunner but was later transferred to Driver Mechanic Class II. I can recall my mother saying that when they found out he could ride a motorcycle he took the role of ‘dispatch rider’.It also mentions in his records that he was a m/cycle orderly and was upgraded from GP.D CII to BIII. Sadly my father died when I was 13 years old and I never had the opportunity to talk to him about his war years and I never recall him speaking of them. I would like to learn more about what his duties would have been and where he was. My brother and I have his war medals 1939-45 STAR, Africa Star with 1st Army Clasp, Italy Star and the Defence Medal. I would be grateful of any information you can share with me.
    Thank you

  8. Frank de Planta


    If you get hold of me through I will happily give you what I have on 67 Fd Regt RA.

    67 Fd Regt RA were one of three artillery units that supported 1 Infantry Division who landed in Italy in Dec 43 and stayed until Feb 45 when they were moved to Palestine. Where ever the Division went, so did 67 Fd Regt RA. In the period Dec 43-Feb 45, the Division was at Anzio from Jan-Jun 44 then it pushed up the centre of Italy to Florence. They spent the winter of 1944 freezing in the Apennines to the north east of Florence.

    If your father served at Anzio then I take my hat off to him. It was truly ghastly.




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