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  1. Frank de Planta


    That would make sense. 9 R FUSILIERS lost a lot of men in Battaglia at the start of the Salerno landings on 9-11 Sep 43. He may well have been a battle casualty replacement.

    When you get his Service Record back from the MoD in Glasgow, I will happy help you to decipher it.



  2. Mark Craig


    Does Anyone know much about party oboe & hms fabius & work done at trieste/malta

    My grandad served in the royal navy 43-47 and his service records show the above both notes of the above areas/places but there isn’t much Information available online.

    I think he may have down a lot of work on shore but again I really don’t know, his records don’t indicate a trade, only that he was a hostility only sailor, rank able seaman. Medals, 39-45 star, Italy star and the ww2 39-45 medal.

    Also, his records indicate in one section ; lent – Austria for 8 days in October 45, no idea what for.



  3. Peter Leedale

    Many thanks Frank for your suggestion on the 12th. August. I’ll give that a try.



  4. Lynn Croft

    Frederick Thomas Nazer
    My late father joined the 74 LAA Regiment RA, in September 1943 and was in Italy from August 1944. Unfortunately he did not talk much about his experiences. He kept a rather sparse diary, in which he says he was in Anzio, Rome, Montelupo, Castlenova, Cassino and other places. On the 25th August, he was in Montelupo and he states he was in the front line for first time. He joined the Buffs in April, 1945.
    I wondered whether anyone could give me any further information on conditions, etc.

    Many Thanks

    Lynn Croft

  5. Frank de Planta

    Lynn. 1st Battalion Buffs took in a lot of former Light Anti Aircraft chaps after these units were disbanded because the German air threat had gone away. 74 LAA Regt RA arrived in Malta in the form of two batteries in the autumn 1940. It was formed on 21 Feb 41 on Malta and was located at Takali airfield and Binjemma under 7th Anti-Aircraft Brigade. 59 Battery was disbanded on Malta on 8 Jul 43. The Regt was sent to join 2nd AA Brigade on Sicily in Jul 43 and served with it on Sicily until 3 Sep 43, when it crossed into Italy with the Brigade. 352 Battery was added on 6 Aug 43. It landed at Reggio on 3 Sep 43 and remained under the Brigade in Italy under 8th Army until Jul 44. It then joined 62 AA Brigade until the Regt was disbanded. The Regt was attached to 12th South African Motorized Brigade on 25 Aug 44 – part of 6 SA Armoured Division as infantry until 28 Sep 44. It was disbanded on 18 Dec 44. Disbandment was completed on 8 Jan 45.


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