Welcome to the Italy Star Association 1943-1945 website

Whether you are a veteran of the Italian Campaign in the Second World War, a related family member, ally, supporter, or not, please accept a warm and timely welcome of thanks for visiting us.

Florence CWGC Cemetery
Florence CWGC Cemetery

The Association was founded in 1987 by the late brothers, Eric and Maurice Cheadle, veterans of the North African and Italian campaigns.

Amongst its constitutional goals are to give a true history of the Italian Campaign and, perhaps most importantly, to keep alive that special bond of comradeship which existed during the Campaign.

Within the pages of our site, you will find more detailed information, such as reports on events, photographs, personal histories and reminiscences from members and families, about the Association, the Italian Campaign itself and its impact on history. On reading, we hope you will sense encouragement, discovery, truthful representation as well as deep satisfaction in what is written.

In thanking you for taking the time to view our site, there are several ways to leave you with meaningful thoughts about what the Association stands for and what drives us on; its epitaph and own special prayer are both moving and soul-searchingly apt, but perhaps some of the most poignant and powerful words come from the gently self-mocking parody, the “D-Day Dodgers” song (to the tune of “Lili Marlene”):

look around the mountains in the mud and rain; see the scattered crosses, some which bear no name; the heartbreak and sorrow are all gone, the boys beneath them slumber on; they are the D-day dodgers, who’ll stay in Italy.

We shall never forget them.

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