46 Recce corps

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      Tania BurrowsTania

      I have the war diary of 46 Recce corps if anyone with connection to recce would like a copy.

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      Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


      Excellent.  To be strictly correct, 46 Reconnaissance Regiment Royal Armoured Corps.



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      Tania BurrowsTania Burrows

      Thank you Frank

      I have the war diary of the 46th Reconnaissance Regiment Royal Armoured Corps in word document format.

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        Richard ChallonerRichard Challoner

        Hello, my father served in the 46th Recce and I have some excerpts from the War Diary. May I ask what period your copy of the War Diary covers? If it covers 43-45 I would certainly be very grateful for a copy. All the best, Richard

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      Richard ChallonerRichard Challoner

      I was wondering if anyone has any photographs of the 46th Recce, particularly in North Africa and early on in Italy. Thus far I have only ever found one photo of my father, who at that time was Lt R.W. Challoner and would be thrilled if anyone has photos they could share which might have him in it. His commanding officer for much of the time was Colonel Cotton and the Adjutant was Major “Monkey” Neil or Neal. Thanks. Richard


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      Alistair TaylorAlistair Taylor

      Hi, Any chance of seeing the diary for 21/11/43? I had asked over on WW2talk and I got a reply pointing out this thread. I’m trying to find the details of the deaths of Troopers Richardson and Gunthorpe. Thanks Alistair

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      Dave FahyDave Fahy

      Hi Tania

      Any possibility of me having a copy of the diary in Word format?



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