6th Gordon Highlanders

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      Chris HarrisChris Harris

      The Gordons served with British 1st Infantry Division in Tunisia and Italy. Their direct field artillery support was from 266 Bty 67th Field Regt RA.
      I have access to a photograph of Major David Shepherd MC “in the field” with an officer in what seems to be a Gordons head dress. I am trying to confirm whether it is Major Rose 2 i/c Gordons who accompanied him to the Rovine OP Monte Calderaro 10th Dec 1944. They had been serving together for a long time. Major Shepherd gained an MC supporting the Gordons (amongst others) on 3/4 Feb 1944 at Anzio. Major Rose went on to his Company position arranging an escort to collect Major Shepherd to return. Major Shepherd left the OP alone and was never seen again. His helmet was found on a path he had taken and his grave was found in Ferrara in May 1945.
      Does anyone have a photo with which to ID “Major Rose” 2 i/c Gordons.
      I’ve tried the Gordons Regt Museum and regular internet sources.

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      Chris HarrisChris Harris

      One of our group found a letter in his fathers file naming the Major from the Gordons.
      Problem Solved.
      He was not “Major Rose”.

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