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      Christopher Barnett

      I am researching my late father’s unit at the close of the Italian campaign.  He was absorbed into 95th A-T Regiment on arrival in Egypt in August 1942.  He was with 95th A-T until it was converted to 73rd Med. Regiment in 1943, and was an officer in the 73rd Med. Regiment’s 282nd Med. Battery at the time the Regiment shipped to Italy, landing at Bari in early 1944 (he sailed with the guns and vehicles, whilst the main body of the regiment landed at Taranto).  I know from my dad that the battery was near Ferrara in the week leading up to the German surrender on May 2, 1945.

      I believe 73rd Med. Regt. was part of V Corps, but have been unable to confirm this.  I would be grateful for any details on this, as well as any information on the regiment’s movements during the winter of 1944 and spring of 1945.



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      Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


      73 Med Regt RA landed in Italy in Oct 44.  Before that they were part of Middle East Forces based in North Africa.  Once in Italy, they were part of an Army Group Royal Artillery – a collection of Field, Medium and Heavy Regiments that were farmed out to various Corps for specific operations.

      You would need to get the 73 Med Regt RA War Diaries from the National Archives to know exactly whom they supported and when.



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      Maureen HurstMaureen Hurst

      On 19.2.45 73rd move to Macerata 100 vehicles and 12 guns 2 agra V corps. They were north west of Rimini possibly Senio.

      1.4.45 move to Fano
      4.4.45 2 agras football final at Faenza 282 bty win 1 nil
      5 4.45 282 bty under 76th med reg
      9.4.45 back with 73rd med reg near Granarolo attack on Senio
      Continue moving north in support of 78th division under V corps
      18.4.45 move east of Argenta and 282 bty go with the 74 medium regiment. Not mentioned again in 73rd medium regiment’s records.

      Hope this helps.

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      Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta

      78 Inf Div were the force that drove north once 8 Ind Div and 2 NZ Div had forced the Senio and the the Santerno 0n 9-11 Apr 45 – two rivers that came down from the northern Apennines and who both had enormous flood banks.  Tackling these flood banks was quite an achievement.  78 Inf Div were directed due north to pass through the Argenta Gap and on to Ferrara.  2 AGRA would have allocated 73 Med Regt RA to beef up the three smaller calibre Field Regts  of 78 Inf Div.



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