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      Hello there and thanks for maintaining interest in the Italy campaign through your excellent website.

      Don’t know if there is any relevance to this but thought I would mention my late father, Alfred Anstock, who served in Italy as part of the Intelligence Corps. He was a Sergeant involved in counter espionage though, as he put it, he was basically a glorified clerk!

      Also my Father-in-law, David Allan from Aberdeen, who was a radio operator on an advanced unit guiding and directing artillery fire. His normal duty was to undertake advance scouting as driver and radio operator with an officer, he still refers to himself as one of the first mobile phones!

      David is still alive, aged 97, and although he still reminisces about the war with close family and friends he is quite shy and reluctant to speak with strangers. He did, though, spend some time with a neighbour who is writing a history of folks from this area so some of his stories are being preserved and will, I hope, some day be published.

      All the best regards to you and yours,

      Chris Anstock

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      Hi Chris,
      When you get the stories it would be nice if you could email then to us for inclusion on the website and maybe in the ISA members magazine.



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