Anzio 75th Anniversary

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      Chris HarrisChris Harris

      The 67th Field Regt landed with the assault troops in Amphibious DUWK’s on 22nd Jan 1944.
      After severe fighting at the end of January and into February with heavy Allied losses, March offered severely bad weather conditions to make life worse.
      April 1944 the Allies were digging deeper and the Germans watching and waiting, the bombards were less numerous (it was rumoured that they were short of ammunition). On 2nd April the enemy put in a raid in force but it came to nothing. It had become a stalemate. The build up of equipment went quietly ahead in preparation for the Breakout which was to come in May.
      They were enjoying the entertainment by Carol Levis a popular Canadian entertainer who put on shows in 67th Field Regiment 446 Battery underground garage turned into a temporary theatre.
      The month continued with a mounting toll of casualties from shelling and air raids.
      The Beachhead began to take on the semblance of a permanent domicile.

      This was a particularly bad memory for those involved. It was impossible to move without drawing fire and resembled a WW1 battleground. Completely the reverse of the fighting they had experienced in Tunisia (see Banana Ridge posting).
      If this jogs your memory about your relatives experiences please get in touch.

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      Peter McleodPeter Mcleod

      My Grandfather was in the REME,he took many pics in Anzio one of the was of Carol Levis.I could send you a copy if you give me your email address.

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      Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


      I would very much like to see those Anzio photos.

      Please get me through my website.



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      Chris HarrisChris Harris

      Take a look at Eyes and Ears posting to make contact.

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      David Hirst

      Hi Peter. My dad was also REME and at Anzio is there a place to view your pictures? I only have one picture of my dad in uniform and that is in Africa.

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