Arrow Route Cemetery

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      Chris HarrisChris Harris

      Does anyone know where this was. It appears to have been on the road out of Florence.
      Casualties from Arrowroute Cemetery were moved to the Florence War Cemetery as CWGC could not obtain the land in perpetuity.
      The current War Cemetery was not acquired until November 1944 so burials of casualties before then were interred elsewhere.
      I enquired with CWGC ref a casualty from early September and was told he was originally interred in Galluzo Cemetery but this location does not fit the description of its location that I have. The Regiment having moved on the road climbing out of Florence towards the Gothic Line past the graves of their friends killed a few days before. It was also described as a small cemetery in a pretty grey green valley of Olive and Cyprus trees on the left of the road as it rises out of Florence towards the Apennines. The Current Cemetery is on the right.

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