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      Alison Bailey Castellina

      My uncle, Charles Miles Carroll, was killed in action on 6 April 1945 at Argenta Gap, the last push of the war which apparently helped obtained for the British their place of influence after the war. He was a commando in the Italian Campaign and served with the 10th Royal Berkshires, D Company. D Company were overrun at the bridgehead at Anzio, in February 1944, having fought very hard but my uncle was not among those killed, wounded or captured. I am wondering if he was serving as a commando at Monte Cassino at the same time, because he reported that he had been at Monte Cassino? After Anzio, he was transferred like the remnant of the 10th Berkshires (40-60 men only remained after Anzio) and he spent some time in Egypt. He joined, as many did, The London Irish Rifles, who had fought alonside the 10th Berkshires. Any memories or information at all would be most welcome.

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      Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


      He was indeed at Cassino but for the First Battle only which took place on 17 Jan 44. 10 R Berks were part of 168 Infantry Brigade who participated in the crossing of the Garigliano downstream of Cassino.

      When Anzio went badly wrong on 29-30 Jan 44, 168 Infantry Brigade and 10 R Berks were taken off Monte Damiano near Castelforte and shipped into the beachhead. Here they moved to an impossibly difficult position in the British sector where they took a terrible beating.

      I am a battlefield guide for both Cassino and Anzio.

      Get in touch with me through my website at http://www.cassinobattlefields.co.uk and I will happily send you the detailed story of both the Garigliano crossing and their time at Anzio.

      I was walking the ground with a group earlier in the week.



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