David Callaghan – Black Watch?

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      Davide Benini

      I am Davide Benini, resident in Forli’, Italy, and I would like to ask for your help in the search for my father, a Scottish national called David Callaghan, who was in Italy during WW2. After various researches, I think he might have been part of the Black Watch, entering in Forli’ in November 1944 and leaving in March/April 1945, destination unknown.

      Witnesses from that time report that they entered Forli’ parading in their kilts and bagpipers, and were accompanied also by New Zealanders and Gurkhas (separate regiments? I don’t know).

      At the time D Callaghan was in Forli’, he was allegedly a Sergeant, always accompanied with a captain (known by the locals as Captain Dave). They often travelled in a jeep together. They were also involved in unspecified duties at the airport of Forli’. They established an officer mess in Forli’.

      I am in touch with the Army Personnel Centre, and they have been very supportive, but given the little information currently available they are not confident they’ll be able to trace this person, and any information you might be able to provide would help greatly.

      Many thanks in anticipation for any info.

      Kind regards

      Davide Benini

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