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      Elaine DuttonElaine Dutton

      My father, Eric Bertram Barber, was a driver (I think) with the Royal Atillery during WW2. He spent his time in N Africa, Sicily, Italy and finished up in Austria. He never ever spoke about the war so I know nothing about his time in the war, not even his regimental number. Any info would be very welcome, thanks.

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      Chris HarrisChris Harris

      Looks like a member of a Royal Artillery Regiment in the 78th Battle Axe Division. They arrived in North Africa during Operation Torch. Fought in Tunisia then Sicily, Italy and ended the war in Austria.

      You can find out more about them on if you search on line for them.

      You will need to apply for his Service Record for his personal postings, you can get a form from the .Gov UK website.

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      Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


      You really need his a Service Record.

      Go to and, in the Search box type ‘How do I obtain a Service Record’.

      Follow the instructions. Put in as much information as you have and do not worry if you cannot provide every piece.

      Once you have his Service Record, I will decipher it for you.



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