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      Paul WhentPaul whent

      Hi there I have been uncovering information about my grandfather Eric Samuel manning. He passed away a while back and wouldn’t speak of the war and never claimed medals. I have been uncovering things for the past five years and managed to get his service number and medals owed and what a hero finding where he had been. I noticed he had an Italy medal and the only information I have on this part is 10 July 1943 in Sicily and then 8th September 1943 he was in piazzo Italy? Can anyone shed light on what was happening there? He was attached to Dorset regiment as a gunner and last entry was 1st anti aircraft regt (heavy) . I’d be keen if anyone knew him or pics or information so I can plot who he was with and what action was seen and so forth. Many thanks

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      Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


      The story so far is quite confusing. The best thing for you to do to get a much clearer picture is to apply to the MOD for his Service Records.

      If you go to, you can find out how to do that.



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      Chris HarrisChris Harris

      10th July 1943 “Operation Husky” Invasion of Sicily by Allied Forces (American and British/Canadian)
      British 8th Army landed on eastern Sicily. This lead to their long slog up the Adriatic side of Italy, stopping off at Monte Casino on the way to Bologna in the north. Including the Battle for Rimini, the right flank anchor of the Gothic Line.
      Sept 8th includes the beginning of the Invasion of Italy at Salerno on 9th Sept. Operation Baytown took place on 3rd September 1943 involving 8th Army XIII Corps attempting to draw away Germans from the Salerno area.
      Not really my bit if WW2 history (my personal studies in Italy begin with Anzio ending on the Gothic Line overlooking Bologna Jan 1945).
      Did he have the Africa Medal as 8th Army kicked off at El Alamein.
      Surprised no one else has replied.


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