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      Chenab MangatChenab Mangat

      Dear Italy Star members,

      I hope some of you could assist with a request that is related to your field of conflict. Please do forgive the slight stretching of geographic boundaries!

      This is a request about the British Indian Army’s 4th Infantry Division which fought in Italy.

      In November 1944, the division was shipped to Greece to help stabilise the country after the Axis withdrawal from Italy under Major-General Arthur Holwarthy. Its last commander in the war was Major-General Charles Hamilton Boucher from January 1945 who commanded the division until the end of hostilities

      I am trying to establish where in Athens and particularly the Cyclades Islands in Greece it was based. I believe the main unit in the islands was the 5th Indian Infantry Brigade?

      I have tried contacting the Indian Army with no response so far. I would be very grateful if anyone with knowledge or advice on this matter could offer some guidance.

      Many thanks for your time and help,


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      Mike Winter

      Hello Chenab,

      My father was in Italy for the second time from July 1944. He was with Lovat Scouts and I believe he was attached to the 10th Indian Division.

      I have a Christmas card, on the front it says 4th Indian Division Greece 1945 with a red eagle logo. inside it has the badge Je Suis Prest of Lovat Scouts.

      I have a photograph of him dated July 1945 Salonica and another of Lovat Scouts marching in Salonica the same date. I believe that is where they were based.

      Regards Mike Winter

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