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      Jason Fakes

      Hi everyone .

      I’m in process of researching my Grandfathers time in Italy with 7th Armoured Brigade  . Eventually I want to make a trip to visit the places he passed through during his service time there . I have already requested and received his service record.  I’m looking for a little assistance please.

      Grandad was posted to 7th AB from North Africa starting with his transfer from 42nd Brigade to a transfer list 17/08/44 and #4 Reception Camp . On the 1/09/44 he was moved to another x(4) list entitled ‘ RSRD ‘ ?  only to be moved to #2 Corps Replacement Unit 13/09/44 , finally joining 7th AB proper 18/09/44.   I’m assuming both the reception camp and corps replacement unit would have been locations away from the front in Italy ? Ideally I’d like to find out where these locations were , but on a more general theme would I be correct in thinking that the time my Grandad spent at this time  would have included further training , or would that have occurred on joining the main unit  ? Grandad’s  posting to North Africa ( Algeria August ’43) was his initial overseas posting after conflict had concluded in this region.  I’m wondering what British Army protocol was to ensure a transferee was up to speed when joining a new unit , especially so for someone such as my Grandad moving from a unit tasked with administrative duties to one fighting on the front line?  I know at this time many men were drafted to Italy from non frontline units to make up manpower shortages .    Regards Jason.

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      Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


      7 Armd Bde was a large organisation made up of all sorts of cap badges.  Do you know what Regt or Corps he served with.  Once you have that, you will be able to use the War Diaries for that unit to follow them throughout their time in Italy.  The fighting units of 7 Armd Bde were 2 RTR, 6 RTR and 8 RTR so it would be good to know if he was in any of these Royal Tank Regiment units.

      The Armd Bde arrived in Italy until Apr 44 in readiness for the massive Fourth Battle of Monte Cassino.  They had a huge role supporting Infantry Divisions in the Gothic Line battles of Aug-Sep 44 and then later for the Final Offensive in Apr 45.

      Get hold of me through and I will see how I can help.



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