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      Nick BannisterNick Bannister

      Hi – I’d like to find out more about my grandfather, Joe Bannister, who served in Italy in 1944-5. Details are very sketchy but he was I understand a corporal cook in the Catering Corps (was it the Service Corps at the time?) and based in Bari. Advice on where to start my research would be very welcome. Thanks.

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      Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


      You need to go to and search for ‘getting a service record’.

      This will get you his Service Record. From there, you can see every detail of where he went and whom he served with.



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      Nick BannisterNick Bannister

      That’s fantastic Frank, thanks for the advice.

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      Hi Nick.

      I am looking for details of my Father Alfred Bannister born in Manchester in 1923, He had an older brother called Joe who lived in Denton Manchester UK. Could this be your Grandfather?





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        Nick BannisterNick Bannister

        Hi Chris – thanks for your reply and sorry for such a slow response from me. My grandfather lived in Bourne, Lincolnshire so a different Joe I’m afraid. Good luck in your research – I’m a bit stuck as can’t find anything about him on the military records sites. It may be because of his inter war service – I believe he served with the Northamptonshire Regiment in India and Sudan in the 1920s…..






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