Italy/Albania/Yugoslavia 1943-45 and No2 Special Service Brigade

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      Is there anybody out there who either served in the above theatre of operation/brigade or any family members who may have knowledge of their late fathers service history in same?

      I am trying to piece together my late fathers history, of which I have very little information. He never wanted to talk much about his war and would only state that he helped Tito’s partisans. I know that his war in Italy started with the Sicilian landings and then onto mainland Italy via Salerno. From there his journey took him up the Eastern seaboard/Adriatic and eventually Albania and Yugoslavia. Amongst his campaign medals is the Africa Star with 8 clasp, so obviously some involvement with the illustrious Eighth Army.

      His war, like so many others who served, did not end in 1945 but many years later. I know, from the little and often scant information that I have managed to source from various organisations, that my father’s war at times must have been very harrowing and I know that from what little he did tell me, he and his ‘Band of Brothers’ were called upon to perform many acts, at times brave to the point of seeming foolhardy and at others, unsavoury but part of the survival process and a necessity of war.

      He was just one of many and to this end, I would be grateful for any information no matter how small or irrelevant it may seem.

      Thank you for reading this message.

      Trevor Johnson

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