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    I’m trying to find some more information about my Grandfather Jack Isenberg who served with the 93rd Anti-Tank Regiment throughout North Africa and Italy.

    He survived the war but passed away many years ago. He worked as an equipment repairer so wasn’t assigned to a specific battery or troop.

    I already have his service records and a regimental history book which gives an overview of the regiment’s route and campaign but with little detail.

    I’m looking to try and uncover more information about his time in Italy, in particular about specific locations he served in or work that he did.

    If anyone has any useful information about this regiment or knows of others who may have served or had family members serving in the same regiment it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Frank De Planta
    Frank de Planta


    I saw your post. To follow 93 Anti-Tank Regiment RA in detail, you have to read the War Diaries for this Regiment. These are a daily record of what they got up to and where.

    Go to http://www.ww2talk.com and track down Andrew Newson at drew5233. He gets me War Diaries from National Archives in Kew for £0.10 a page. They arrive with you on a CD.




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    Thanks Frank, appreciate the advice. I think I already have the contact details.


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