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      I am looking for any information about my grandfather Leslie Howard Weaver. All I know is that he was in the RAF in WW2 and that he missed D-Day because he had been in North Africa ‘blowing up supply dumps’ then came up through Italy (Naples is a place I know he came through on the way home). Not much I know, he spoke of it very little. The only story he did tell my grandmother was of blowing up crated spitfires in the dessert and finding one fully built in a cave. Aparantly a ‘local’ had found it crated in the dessert and putt it together just had no fuel to get it to run, only to have my grandfather blow it up. Now most is family gossip as he did not like to talk about it and has passed, but I would love to find out more about what he was doing, why he was doing it and the history of his service. Any help would be amazing.

      Thank you.


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