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      Chris HarrisChris Harris

      Sorry to sound so negative but this site like many others suffers from a severe lack of response.
      This is largely due to the inability to respond directly with the enquirers who have personal family questions.
      I understand your restrictions due to legislation.
      However it is extremely frustrating to feel that you can be of assistance to someone but not be able to get in touch directly and equally frustrating when they never return.
      Is there a way to get around this.
      It is tantalising to receive enquiries from visitors but unable to reply.
      Do I need to set up a website to do so which seems rather drastic for an individual rather than a business. Particularly concerning some of the commercials encountered on many sites despite the capcha facility. Or am I in the wrong place.

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      Chris HarrisChris Harris

      Please don’t think I am taking a pop at the Italy Star Association site, I hold it in very high regard but perhaps you should consider asking guests to register on Lost Trails so that they might be traced in order to receive replies to their questions.

      My apologies if I put my posting in the wrong context.


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