My thanks to Frank de Planta.

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      Iain Drew-TaylorIain Drew-Taylor

      Frank, many thanks for your advice and guidance in respect of my post around three weeks ago. I had some difficulty responding as I had only logged in as a guest….hence the delay. I have resolved that situation and intend to contact MOD in Glasgow to see if they can help, and the national Chairman kindly attached the necessary forms to fil in and send off. Fingers crossed.

      Having read some more about the campaign, and speaking again to my cousin, we suspect he landed in Taranto with the eighth army, was pinged across to the 4th battle of Monte casino as you suggest and then went back to continue the fight up the Adriatic to end up in Trieste. It seems from the casualties in the various CWG cemeteries that fighting was hard due to the terrain, not just the defending forces.

      I will update any reply in due course.


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      Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


      No problem. Once you have obtained the a Service Record from the MoD, do get back to me and I will happily have a look at it.



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