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      Charles ReavleyCharles Reavley

      I am trying to fill in some gaps in my knowledge of my fathers service during WW2. Sadly deceased now, but like many old soldiers he didn’t say much about his service for King & Country. I now know he enlisted in March 1943 and served in the Italian campaign until his demob in April 1946. I have some pics, One showing him in front of a truck (with 6th Armoured Div insignia?) and some diary entries he made.
      As a serving RASC would he move on attachment to different Divisions?
      I think he drove light trucks (up to 1 ton) and cars, but if that can be clarified I would be grateful as I would for any information which may help me shed more light on his service.
      Thanks in advance
      Charlie Reavley

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      Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


      May I suggest that you apply for his Service Record.  Go to and, in the Search box type ‘How do I obtain a Service Record’.  Follow the instructions and provide as much info as you can.  Do not worry if there are gaps.

      RASC operated as Companies and usually at Brigade and Divisional level.  An RASC Transport Company would provide trucks to Brigades and Battalions as ordered by Division.

      His Service Record will tell you everything he did from enlistment to demobilisation.  From there, you can get War Diaries to pin down the unit detail.



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        Charles ReavleyCharles Reavley

        Thanks for the additional info Frank, will follow up further as you suggest

        Charlie R,

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