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      Julia LeyJulia Ley

      I am attempting to trace my father’s footsteps following the invasion of Sicily and path throughout Italy. He was a ground wireless operator with the RAF attached to the 8th army and had been fighting in N Africa beforehand. The only information I have is on the back of a war photo which says ‘9 desert corps 2 wing’ which was taken in N Africa.

      i hadn’t realised that the service records for WW2 were still classified, even though I’m given to understand I can apply as a living next of kin.

      I would be very grateful if somebody could suggest how I go about this.

      Many thanks

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      Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


      Go to http://www.gov.uk and find the Search box.  Type in ‘How do I obtain a Service  Record’.  Follow the instructions.

      Do not worry if you do not have every piece of information that they ask for.  Send what you have.



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      Julia LeyJulia Ley

      Thanks for your reply Frank

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