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      Hello I am trying to find any information on John Winstanley . He is my relative of my in laws. He was born in 1921 in Wigan Lancashire. He joined the RAF reserves in 1939 and all we know is he served in Africa , Sicily and was involved in Monte Casino and Salerno.
      He returned home around 1945.
      He spoke very little about his time in the war and these are the only details we have,
      Really don’t know where to start.
      Any help or advice would be very much appreciated

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      Chris HarrisChris Harris

      There are several opportunities for assistance here. The first place to start is:
      From here you will get copies the unit, dates and places. They are administrative records not battle history. You will probably not understand the military jargon but there are others who here can help you with that.
      I am not familiar with RAF records but I am sure there will be others who are.
      The records take some time to arrive once you have applied so it is best to get that done first.


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