Taranto but wrong dates

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      Tracey Hatton

      My Grandad George Key kept diaries during the war but unfortunately later destroyed them as he thought no one would want to read them. However, in 1973 he wrote a short recollection. He had been in Egypt and mentions El Alamein, Tobruk, Benghazi and Tripoli. He goes on to write “February 16 1943 re kitted out then went over water to Italy. April 28 1943 invaded Taranto had two weeks on Sherman tanks mounted Howizter guns on them. April 28 1943 thru to Nov 1945 Taranto Barrie Naples Cassino Salerno went on both fronts right upto Trieste.”
      Taranto according to my research was invaded in September. Could it have been possible for Grandad to have been there in April, he seems awfully sure of the date? Does anyone know of allies coming over to Italy in Feb 1943? I thought he may have landed in Sicily but he makes no mention of it. I wonder whether he meant that in April they were preparing for the Taranto invasion? He was a gunner and amongst his medals are the Africa Star(8th army clasp) and Italy star.

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