Reply To: The Eyes and Ears of the Regiment 67 Regt. RA

Chris HarrisChris Harris

What a surprise to get a reply from the relative of one of the key members of 67th FR RA (TA)
I would very much like to meet you if at all possible as I have much to discuss regarding David Shepherd MC.
As a lad I was attached to 267 FR RA (TA) the successors to 67. Several of our instructors served at Banana Ridge, Anzio etc but I don’t recall their names.
I coincidentally inherited the letters of Bill Beadle who is referred to in the History of 67th Field Regiment with much respect by Peter Mennell who wrote the history in 1946. It was used by Richard Whitfield for his book Eyes and Ears of the Regiment.
I have deposited the original letters of Lt Hedley Noel Beadle and a book of transcribed letters, in the Archives at Worcester as there are a number of other documents ref 67 FR deposited there.
If you should be able to get there I would very much like to meet you.
ring me on 07902 494696 to have a brief chat.