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Chris HarrisChris Harris

No replies on here yet but it is sometimes better to start at home.
My neighbour aged 86 was chatting recently only to reveal that he learned to drive and passed his test on post war National Service in Rhyl using Quads in the RA.
He was in the 19th Field Regt RA in the early 1950’s.
He served in Dortmund in what was then the occupying force in Germany.

The Scottish Gunners ads say that the 19th went to Korea but my neighbour tells me this was rubbish.
They were preparing to go but replaced at the last minute by a Norfolk based Regiment so breathed a sigh of relief at missing the War, spending their time in Germany.

Unfortunately he cant remember any details from stories regarding WW2 although the old sweats who served in N Africa were adamant that the 25 pdr in the anti tank roll was only for desperate situations as the shells bounced off. The best bet was to pull out and leave it to the A/T gunners or the Airforce. Perhaps this was before the improved propellant Supercharge and A/P round was issued plus the guns fitted with the muzzle brake to reduce recoil circa 1943/44.
Any comments welcomed.