Reply To: Father awarded Italy Star but not served in Italy

Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


The survey for the Taunton Stop Line was carried out by 516th Corps Field
Survey Company Royal Engineers, and detailed maps prepared. Work of construction began in mid-July 1940, and was undertaken, in the northern sectors,by 552nd Army Troops Company Royal Engineers, and in the southern, including Axminster, by 551st Army Troops Company Royal Engineers.

551st Army Troops Company RE were nominated for overseas service in Sep 40 and arrived in N Africa in Dec 1940. In Egypt by Jan 41 (under command Cairo Base Sub-Area). Unit destroyed installations in retreat to Egyptian frontier. With Tobruk Fortress Apr–Nov 41. With Eighth Army at Gazala May 42, and again in Feb 43. Served in Italy 1943-45. Disbanded Sep 1945+.

In serving in Italy, they would have gone wherever the Eighth Army went. Calabria, Foggia, Sangro, Cassino, Arezzo, Florence, Rimini, Po Valley, Trieste.

Not sure where 74 CW Coy RE were deployed.