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Chris HarrisChris Harris

Are you sure he was 8th Army. Florence was taken by them but came under 1st Infantry Division their direct Artillery support was from 2nd Field Regiment, 19th Field Regiment and 67th Field Regiments Royal Artillery.
They fought in Tunisia followed by Italy landing at Anzio with the Americans who they fought alongside in the mountains north of Florence bridging the gap between the British on the East Coast and Americans on the West.
After Anzio they rested in Rome then advanced to Florence moving against the Gothic Line.
In Jan 1945 They withdrew to Palestine for 6 months but the war ended before their return.
Names to remember Medjez el Bab, Banana Ridge, Anzio, Rome, Florence. The Gothic Line (the mountains between Florence and Bologna).
Does any of that fit in with stories you may have heard from him.
Look at the Eyes and Ears of the Regiment on here.
The suggestion of getting his service papers from Glasgow is the best place to begin. From those you will know for sure what he was in but not what they did.
Everything else re 67th is to hand including a group of enthusiastic relatives of the men in the Regt.