Reply To: 57th Field Regt Royal Artillery

Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


Thanks for establishing 57 Fd Regt RA’s movements more clearly.

After their support for Eighth Army operations on the Sangro, it would appear that they were moved over to the US Fifth Army front at Cassino when Gen Alexander CinC 15th Army Group decided to reinforce that part of Italy.

The original intention had been that 2 NZ Division, 4 Indian Division and 78 British Infantry Division would be used to exploit the success that was anticipated in the Jan 44 attacks on the Cassino feature.

However, when that US Fifth Army operation failed, these three Eighth Army formations were instead used to take over from the Americans. Your late father, would have therefore been at the Second And Third Battles of Cassino in Feb-Mar 44.

I am guiding a group there on 11-14 Mar 19 looking at these battles if you are interested.

Can you recall whether your late father ever mentioned what his job was – on the gun line, in admin support or right up with the forward troops calling in fire from his guns?



Frank de Planta