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I have found his BEM citation. He was awarded it whilst serving with 71 British General Hospital and it was announced in the London Gazette on 13 Dec 45.

The movements for 71 BGH were:

Ormskirk 29/8/42 to 11/42 then overseas; Maison Carree (Algiers) 11/42 to 12/42 then to Guelma; Guelma 12/42 to 4/43 then to Souk Ahras; Souk Ahras 4/43 to 5/43 then to Thibar; Thibar 5/43 to 6/43 then to Sousse; Sousse 6/43 to 12/43 then to Brindisi; Brindisi 12/43 to 1/44 then to Barletta; Barletta 1/44 to 8/44 then to Loreto; Loreto 8/44 to 22/10/45 then disbanded.



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