Reply To: The Eyes and Ears of the Regiment 67 Regt. RA

Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


Look further up this thread and you will see Chris Harris’s email address. Chris has a copy of Eyes and Ears. This is the history of 67 Field Regiment RA.

67 Fd Regt RA were one of three Field Regts supporting 1 Infantry Division – their guns directly supported the three Infantry Brigades of the Division – 2 Infantry Brigade, 3 Infantry Brigade and 24 Guards Brigade.

The Regt was deployed in the Padagione Woods – the gun areas immediately behind the front line which centred on the Flyover at Campo di Carne. Guns were controlled by teams of gunners who lived up on the front line with the infantry. Your father was therefore in the gun lines firing the guns or up at the front line controlling those guns.

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