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Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


There were three battalions of GREN GDS in Italy.

3 GREN GDS were in 1 Guards Brigade and were in the Cassino area from Feb 44 where they held horrible pieces of ground like Monte Cerasola in the dead of winter and were later moved into the town at Monte Cassino in Apr-May 44 including the massive Fourth Battle of Monte Cassino.  5 GREN GDS were in 24 Guards Brigade at Anzio in Jan-Mar 44 and 6 GREN GDS were in 201 Guards Brigade who landed at Salerno in Sep 43 and fought north.  In that time, they crossed the Volturno to the north of Naples in Oct 43 before assaulting the awesome Monte Camino in Nov and Dec 43.  In Jan 44, they crossed the Garigliano and helped secure the Tremonsuoli-Minturno- Tufo feature beyond.  It would be interesting to know if you can pin down which battalion he was in.  Regards. Frank