Reply To: Was he a Welchman or RRF?

Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


9 R FUSILIERS were part of 167 Infantry Brigade – along with with 8 R FUSILIERS and 7 Ox & Bucks LI.  On the night of 22 Jan 44, the Brigade was the assault river crossing force on the River Garigliano in front of the small hillside town of Castelforte.  168 Infantry Brigade held the near bank and 167 Infantry Brigade passed through them, crossed in boats to the other side and advanced through minefields to the outskirts of Castelforte.

Whilst this was going on, 169 Infantry Brigade on their right was getting across the river and making for the spa village of Sujo.

On the outskirts of Castelforte, 167 Infantry Brigade was ordered to ignore Castelforte and make its way to the top of a very important hill – Monte Damiano which they miraculously took from the Germans.  This hill completely dominated all approaches from the south so its loss was critical for the Germans.  They could no longer easily see what the Allies were up to in that sector of the Gustav Line.

All three Infantry Brigades made up 56 Infantry Division.

Fusilier Reece’s Regimental Number comes from the batch allocated to the a Royal Welsh Fusiliers so he must have done his initial training with them before being transferred to 9 R FUSILIERS.

You would need his Service a Record to tell you exactly when he was transferred.

Get hold of me through and I will happily give you more detail.

He is buried in Minturno CWGC Cemetery which is 3km south west of where he was killed in action.