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Frank de PlantaFrank de Planta


Gdsm Ernest William Perks was indeed killed on 11 Feb 44 although, being on the Cassino Memorial rather than in a cemetery with a headstone, it is more difficult to know exactly where.  At the time, 2 COLDM GDS were part of 1 Guards Brigade in 6 Armoured Division.  The Division had yet to arrive in Italy in Feb 44 so I suspect that 1 Guards Brigade were asked to provide reinforcements to 24 Guards Brigade who had suffered horribly at Anzio in the period 25 Jan-16 Feb 44.  The Foot Guards never took reinforcements from the County Regiments so their only way of filling their ranks was to find Guardsmen from elsewhere.

The fact that his body was never found strongly suggests Anzio but he could have been serving with 5 GREN GDS, 1 IG or 1 SG at the time.