Reply To: Was he a Welchman or RRF?

Gary TankardGary Tankard

Adam and Frank,

I am in the process of building a website. It isn’t anywhere near ready for general use but the January 1944 war diary for 9th Royal Fusiliers is viewable.

9th Battalion Royal Fusiliers – War Diary January 1944

Forgive any typos or spelling. It hasn’t been reviewed in any way.

However, in short the 9 RF initial objective was Colle Salvatito and such was the opposition they were not able to get any further. I would say out of all the battalion’s in 56 Division’s assault across the Garigliano they had the hardest time. You can easily trace the route they took from the river to Colle Salvatito as it followed a (now disused) railway embankment.