Chris HarrisChris Harris

The 19th were part of the 1st Infantry Division, there were three Artillery Regiments in the Division 2nd Field Regt, 19th Field Regt both Regular Army and the 67th Field RA (TA).        I have never found anything written about the 19th. One of my neighbours in his 80’s served his National Service with them in 1950. They were in 1st Division at Dunkirk covering the withdrawal from the beaches. After reorganising and training they sailed for North Africa fighting at the battle of Banana Ridge in the Medjez el Bab battles later moving to Italy where where they went to Anzio ( Jan to May1944), where they took quite a pasting in counter Battery fire from the Germans.  Two holders of the Military Cross were transferred to them from the 67th as casualty replacements. I have studied the 67th in great detail having inherited letters from an officer who was killed in a landmine incident in Florence. You should apply through .Gov for his Army Records then go onto to ask for more info. Members can translate the Army Jargon on his records for you. There are also people who can get copies of the 19th Field Regt War Diaries for you if they dont have them already. These will probably mention the landmine incident particularly as an officer was involved. As a Corporal he was probably the driver of a Jeep on reconnaissance looking for a new position for the guns. They also lost two Observation Parties in the hills in September 1944  just before the Gothic Line, so he may have been driving the OP Party Jeep or a signaller with them. If you have a date for his incident I might be able to give you a rough idea where they were but in any case follow my advice and we might meet up again. There is a copy of a book Ubique a Paperback  by A.M. Cheetham (Author) on Amazon at the moment which will give you their story Major Arthur Cheetham MC was in 2nd Field Regiment fighting in all the same battles, it is a very good book with photos and being used is not expensive. I hope that this helps.