Reply To: Dad in Italy 1944

Steve GoughSteve Gough

Hi Frank,

It was suggested on WW2Talk, that I should confirm with the MOD, that they did a search, as their letter suggested that I had not given enough information for them to check.

I emailed them, and they have replied today that their letter was correct, and that they had carried out a search, and did not find anything on my father.

There does seem to be some confusion on the WW2talk thread that he had a Royal Marines cap badge, and not a Royal Engineer one which we thought.

But I did come across a thread on WW2Talk, from Sapper which was started back in 2008, called Scotland. The assault training, (246. RE), that all 3Rd army training was moved to Scotland in March 1943.  Which might explain dad saying he trained in Scotland…