Reply To: 57th Field Regt Royal Artillery

David ChadwickDavid Chadwick

My father was also a Gunner in the 57th Field Regt and likewise had very clear memories of Anzio and Salerno. Like you I can’t find any documentary connection. However after much searching I have discovered that the Regt Diaries are now listed on the National Archives site ( they were not the last time I looked) . It looks like the whole diaries from 1939 to mid 1945 are now indicated. I have sent off for an initial search to confirm. I am in Australia so can’t easily visit Kew.
Dad also had very clear memories of Basra in Iraq. as well as Palestine and Syria and later meeting with partisan troops in what was Yugoslavia. He was always in the 57th Regt and I can’t find any reference to the Regt being there. Interestingly,during the Gulf War when the British Army was reported as entering Basra, he phoned me and described in detail the approach and surroundings to the city and his time there . He passed away a few years ago aged 92 and had a crystal clear memory of his wartime experiences. Sadly I didn’t document any of it- to my great regret.