Did you pass through Roccamonfina ?

Did you pass through Roccamonfina ?

The Italian commune of Roccamonfina in the region of Campania and is approximately 60 kms north west of Naples. Today the commune has a population of 3500 – 4000.

Above: British troops on their war through Roccamonfina 1943.

Just 6km to the north is Mt Camino an area that many of you will have passed through on your journey north in late 1943 before you headed on the Monte Cassino.

The association “Una Storia da Raccontare” is a historical and cultural organisation whose goal is reconstructing the history of the commune during WW2 in their small museum. This is a not for profit project and the museum will be free to visitors, they also plan to produce a book and a DVD that combines verbal testimonies and the display material.

The area had suffered terribly at the hand of the Germans with many hundreds of men and boys from the surrounding areas being taken prisoner and sent to work camps in Germany. Some of those men were also sent to work in the death camps.

I know that we get many requests for help and some projects like this one with your support could help tell the story of this lovely area during those difficult days of 1943.

Below is some of the graffiti that troops left in the local cemetery.


They are seeking our help. In particular they are searching for photographs and documents including war diaries and other artefacts which would help them build a picture of life during those war torn days.

You can get in touch with their contact by emailing Valerio Buco who’s email address is valeriobuco@gmail.com or via me at info@italystarassociation.org.uk

If you can help please do so. I feel that it is important that we help in local projects like this and that the more information that the younger generations have about those days from the past will help them them to understand what was done on their behalf. I know that like many areas of Italy the local population suffered unbelievably at the hands of the German occupying troops. If you were there or passed through the area you can help paint the picture from a different angle. Only by knowing can the younger generations understand and hopefully avoid such things in the future.

Robin Hollamby. National Vice Chairman.


  1. Rob WOOD

    My late maternal Grandfather, Fred TALBOT, served in ITALY with the RA, firstly with 18 Bty, 56 Hvy Regt RA. I have inherited his Charles Letts’s diary for 1944. He was a Don R, but also drove a 15 CWT truck and was also a gun bunny at times. He didn’t arrive in theatre until late Dec 1943 (having travelled to ITALY via ALGERIA). Early on in his diary he talks about ROCKERMANFINO, which I think is a good old squaddy bastardisation of a place name. I think he means ROCCAMONFINA. Anyway I think his regiments B Echelon were in ROCCAMONFINA and he mentions meeting Q at the churchyard there.

  2. Valerio Buco

    Hi everyone.
    I’m Valerio Buco from Roccamonfina, the little village mentioned by your grandfather in his diaries.
    Do you think it’s possible to get a scan of the diary? Have you got any pictures of your grandfather? It could be very important for my association (“Una storia da raccontare”).
    Thank you in advance for what you can kindly do for me and for my association.
    Best regards.
    Valerio Buco

  3. Alexa

    My nonna and nonno lived through World War II in Filorsi and Cembali. They suffered greatly from poverty and starvation. There was one time my nonno heard early on of a bombing that would happen. He went and warned the people in the area and they went to hide in a cave like area.. the bomb was dropped shortly after. My nonno was also enlisted in the Italian Army, but he was not called to war.


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