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  1. Frank de Planta


    That would make sense. 9 R FUSILIERS lost a lot of men in Battaglia at the start of the Salerno landings on 9-11 Sep 43. He may well have been a battle casualty replacement.

    When you get his Service Record back from the MoD in Glasgow, I will happy help you to decipher it.



  2. Mark Craig


    Does Anyone know much about party oboe & hms fabius & work done at trieste/malta

    My grandad served in the royal navy 43-47 and his service records show the above both notes of the above areas/places but there isn’t much Information available online.

    I think he may have down a lot of work on shore but again I really don’t know, his records don’t indicate a trade, only that he was a hostility only sailor, rank able seaman. Medals, 39-45 star, Italy star and the ww2 39-45 medal.

    Also, his records indicate in one section ; lent – Austria for 8 days in October 45, no idea what for.




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