From Our Man in Italy, August 2016

A Full Page in The Daily Telegraph for Our Man in Italy Harry Shindler

The recently published book ‘My War Is Not Over’, written by ISA’s Man In Italy Harry Shindler, was recently reviewed in the Daily Telegraph and took over the whole page.

Some years ago Harry published ‘Rome Remembers Her Liberators’. Of course, he was there for the liberation. This was published both in English and Italian.

The present book has already been published in Italy, in Italian, so now it is out in the UK in English and carries a Preface written by Roger Walters of Pink Floyd. It contains a chapter dealing with the solution, as to where his father was killed at Anzio.

The book contains a note recognising the help from the Italy Star Association.

They say of the book; ‘It is a very moving account of the War in Italy, through the eye of one who was there, his hopes, his fears, and his work since, to help in the process of Remembering’.

The book gives details of the many cases Harry has resolved, for families seeking news of loved ones ‘lost’. There are details of various campaigns to erect a Monument to ‘Remember’. These Monuments all carry the signature of the Italy Star Association.

The book is now available via Amazon and will soon be in bookshops. When you’ve read it Harry says, ‘I’d love to get your comments’.