Reply To: 73rd Med. Regt. RA Italy Winter 1944/Spring 1945

Maureen HurstMaureen Hurst

On 19.2.45 73rd move to Macerata 100 vehicles and 12 guns 2 agra V corps. They were north west of Rimini possibly Senio.

1.4.45 move to Fano
4.4.45 2 agras football final at Faenza 282 bty win 1 nil
5 4.45 282 bty under 76th med reg
9.4.45 back with 73rd med reg near Granarolo attack on Senio
Continue moving north in support of 78th division under V corps
18.4.45 move east of Argenta and 282 bty go with the 74 medium regiment. Not mentioned again in 73rd medium regiment’s records.

Hope this helps.