Air Graphs from Italy

The copies of air graphs (I think that is the correct name for them) which my father sent home to my mother in 1944.

They married in Coventry in 1945. Sadly my father died seven years later and my mother died some years ago. 

Looking at the pictures on these air graphs, I wonder if anyone would know if they were hand drawn?

I think the Valentine’s Day one could have been hand drawn by my father.  

I can see a likeness to my own drawing and also to the lettering, but I’m not sure.

The Christmas one I am not at all sure about – might it have been a pre-printed one given out to troops to send home to loved ones at Christmas? 

I would be very grateful if any one could tell me anything about them.

My father was Norman Hancox 1530948,  Gunner. Royal Artillery (HAA).

Carole Wilshaw

If you can help Carole then please reply to email:

Robin  website editor.









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