ANOTHER MONUMENT IN ITALY By Our Man in Italy … Harry Shindler MBE

By Our Man in Italy … Harry Shindler MBE
Some time ago I wrote an article for our Journal listing all the Monuments in Italy for which ISA has been responsible. These monuments have been erected so that for many years to come what happened at that place will be remembered;
Like the Monument in Piazza Venezia in Rome to record the Liberation of Rome, capita! of Italy on 4th June 1944 or the Monument at Allerona Bridge to remember the bombing of 3 POW train with the death of hundreds of POWs; and so on, the list is long.
So, noting these it should not come as a surprise that we should now be proposing a Monument to recall the important contribution made by the Italian Partisans to the liberation of their Country.
! have prepared a case for erecting a Monument to remember the Partisans of Italy. For with the passing time the work they did alongside us will be forgotten; time will cancel out their contribution, what Churchill described “strong forces of liberated Italians”.
I have sent a detailed plan to the national organization in Italy of the Partisans, with a detailed plan for a Partisan Day and the erection of a Monument in the centre of Rome.
I wait for a response for this cannot be done if they – the National Organization of Partisans – do not agree. I shall write with another note when their reply is received.

Harry Shlinder MBE

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