Courage and Valour. Listen as the New Zealand Veterans tell their own war stories.

Courage and Valour

The Courage And Valour series is basically the story of the Italian Campaign from start to finish from the New Zealand perspective, as told by veterans themselves who were there. As well as telling the story of their training, lifestyle, combat and downtime and the campaign from river to river, village to village, we also hear some personal stories and aspects never told before.The veterans in the series were all at the time of life when they felt the time to hold back was over, and they really opened up with stories never told before.

The intention was to cover all the various groups involved. The first ten episodes cover the stories of the New Zealand Infantry, with a chronological narrative for the first nine episodes, including training, entry into battle, key campaigns like the Sangro River, the Battles of Cassino, San Michele, the approaches to Rome and Florence, the Senio and through to war’s end. The 10th episode is more about life in the infantry, a collection of stories that did not make it into the other episodes, and that one is an epic length, with a huge amount of detail on the life of a front line soldier.

The eleventh episode covered life in the New Zealand Engineers. The twelfth episode, (still being edited at the moment), covers the men of the New Zealand Armoured Regiments. And the intention from the start was to cover episodes also on the Medics and Nurses, the New Zealand Field Artillery, the Divisional Cavalry, the Prisoners of War held and captured in Italy, the men of the RNZAF who flew over Italy, and the men of the Royal New Zealand Navy who sailed in support of the Italian Campaign.

Most of the veterans recorded for my series are now no longer with us, but their memories live on in the series and I hope that through the podcast, which can reach people young and old around the world, their story will continue to be told for generations to come.

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