‘The First Bridge Too Far: The Battle of Primosole Bridge 1943’ by Mark Saliger


‘The First Bridge Too Far’ by Mark Saliger.

I am a former paratrooper, having served with 1 Para,  my first book published to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the battle of Primosole Bridge in July. It is a key battle in the invasion of Sicily and yet one of the least well-known Battle Honours of The Parachute Regiment.

The book is entitled ‘The First Bridge Too Far: The Battle of Primosole Bridge 1943’ due to be published shortly.

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  1. Frank

    Excellent idea
    In Airborne folklore much has been forgotten about the Parachute Regiments campaign in Italy. Ask any serving soldier about Bruneval, Normandy and Arnhem and expect a factual and detailed account, but mention Primasole Bridge and the answer is vauge.

    In these key early battles the Red Devils set the standards for today and proved themselves an equal match against the respected and battle hardened Fallschirmjager.

    This is a book I will look forward to getting my teeth into and expanding my knowledge on the Regimental History of Britain’s Elite fighting force.

  2. Simon

    Don’t forget the big part played by the Durham Light Infantry

  3. carol Marsh

    Remember the Durham light infantry, my father shot down on the bridge, lost a leg but his comrades who went further on the bridge all lost their lives, brave men the Durams

  4. P J King

    I note that there is no mention of 90th (City of London) Field Regiment RA.TA, who fought until all their guns were destroyed and the few survivors retreated with the Paras


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